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    Friday, May 14, 2004
      First hand reports from Fallujah

    The Green Side is a website set up by a man whose son is a Marine Major in Fallujah. He posts his son's e-mails there. Very well worth the time to read.

    (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)
      Support for my earlier Vietnam comparison

    Hugh Hewitt posts an e-mail from a learned colleague, that makes my Vietnam comparison (see below) in a much more forceful and detailed manner than I am capable of. Please go read it.
      NY Daily News' Michael Goodwin on Air America

    Michael Goodwin must have a stronger stomach than I, to endure ten hours of Air America. Here is his reaction. The last two paragraphs were very interesting:

    During a day of torture by radio, I heard ads for Hewlett-Packard, Greyhound and, especially, General Motors. I asked GM why it appeared in such shows.

    Ryndee Carney, GM's manager of marketing communications, said the ads were wrongly picked up from an earlier deal with WLIB. She said the station was ordered to "cease and desist" yesterday, and added: "GM will not advertise on any Air America affiliates."
    Wednesday, May 12, 2004
      Maybe it is becoming like Vietnam...

    ...in some aspects, anyway. In 1971, it was John Kerry and others spreading lies about widespread atrocities in Vietnam. Because the lies were believed by many, the war was lost, and the returning soldiers were vilified and ostracized, rather than being welcomed home and thanked.

    Well, it seems that the lies are starting again. It was triggered by the Abu Ghraib incidient, which is not itself a lie, but is being blown out of proportion by the media. Now, according to Junk Yard Blog, the Boston Globe has published some pictures depicting an alleged gang rape of an Iraqi woman by American soldiers. The photos were exposed as fakes by worldnetdaily.com a week ago. Undoubtedly, many in Boston still believe the photos are real. There are also other fraudulent reports of abuse.

    The photos were provided to the Globe by Boston city councilor Chuck Turner, who distributed the graphic photographs yesterday at a press conference with activist Sadiki Kambon, director of the Black Community Information Center. Kambon claims he got them from Akbar Muhammad, a representative for the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan's group.

    Apparently, neither Kambon, Turner or the Globe tried to verify the authenticity of the photos.

    While the North Vietnamese were militarily beaten, and ready to surrender, it was propaganda like this that convinced them to fight on, and eventually win the war. That war was lost here on the homefront, by people like John Kerry, and the American soldiers who fought it were vilified when they got home, most of them innocent of the atrocities they were accused of.

    And now it is starting to happen again. The monsters who beheaded Nick Berg (now THERE'S an atrocity) cited the Abu Ghraib incident as their reason for the murder. They would have killed him in any case, but the way Abu Ghraib is being played up gives them great propaganda, and the Democrats and news media here in the US are playing right into their hands by spreading that propaganda, by overblowing incidents that did happen, propagating fraudulent reports of "atrocities" that did not happen, and failing to report on our widespread succccesses, against the terrorists, and in the hearts and minds of the Iraqi street.

    Kerry and the Democrats are working hard to turn American opinion against the efforts in Iraq. Their aim is obvious - unseating Bush, at any cost. It is becoming more apparent that that cost will be a Vietnam-like failure in Iraq, caused by the turn of American hearts and minds against the war by the left and the media, and the consequences that would follow: the empowerment of terrorists the world over, the ostracism of the military by the gullible public, the weakening of our military caused by that, and heightened danger of attacks on our own soil, and more deaths of Americans at the hands of terrorists.

    We must not let this scenario come to pass. Media outlets like the Boston Globe must be strongly repudiated by large numbers of people for spreading propaganda like the fake rape photos. The traditional media in general must be repudiated for their blatantly biased reporting that is feeding the terrorists' propaganda machine. We must repudiate politicians Like Kerry, Kennedy, and Rodham, who place their own ambition ahead of the well being of our country.

    Word must be spread of our tremendous sucesses in Iraq, not only against the terrorists, but also all of the rebuilding that has occurred, and how the large majority of Iraqis truly appreciate what we are doing for them. We must support our troops, who are risking their lives to defend our freedoms and way of life. The price of losing this war is just too great not to do all of these things.

    We are at perhaps the most critical juncture in our history. We currently have the right people leading us through these dangerous times. We must keep them there. President Bush has shown again and again that he has the courage and the clarity of vision to preserve and defend this country againt the terrorists. John Kerry has shown again and again that, if you don't like what he says, wait a while, he will say the opposite. I cannot remember another time when the American electorate was presented such a stark choice.

    With ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and many others clearly aligned against the President, he needs all the help and support we can give him. Please show your support by donating to his campaign, or volunteering. Bloggers can join the Wictory Wednesday blogroll.

      Abu Ghraib put in perspective

    The Reverend Ken Joseph Jr., an Assyrian Christian with first hand experience with Saddam's Iraq, puts the Abu Ghraib abuses into perspective. This is a must read.
    Tuesday, May 11, 2004
      One more tribute to my Dad